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Why "Cutting Torch?"

As a boy growing up in Flint Hills of Kansas, Jim was inspired by his father. A welder in the oil and gas fields of the Midwest, he used his cutting torch to create great structures of steel, helping to build the energy source of his generation. On some days Jim and his father would walk the hills and valleys of Kansas together, taking pictures of wildlife and listening to the winds blow through the prairie grass and wheat fields, honing a reverence for the land and the creatures that dwell upon it.

Today Jim uses cutting-edge digital tools to meld still images, video, and sound into high-energy multimedia presentations: digital media for the home or office that brings to life the world's exotic wildlife, colorful people, and far-away places. A photographer from an early age, Jim is an expert videographer and multimedia production designer, using modern tools to hone energy for the senses.

Jim is widely experienced in both technology and media: an acknowledged leader in the technology industry, Jim helped to build the infrastructure of our generation while working on one of the teams that helped to commercialize the internet. His insights into digital media technologies are highly sought after; as owner and founder of The Lewis Group, he has provided consulting and management expertise to large corporations and startups alike.

When he's not involved in his other work, you will often find Jim in the field doing what he loves best: in Kenya photographing rural villagers as they celebrate their first drilled water well; exploring the canyons of the great southwest waiting for the perfect light; on a skiff in Halo Bay, Alaska, looking for that special moment with the brown bears of Katmai.

It's cutting-edge: It's Cutting Torch Media.